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Baki is up for adoption

 Baki is a male 9 months old american bull dog. He is a big time chewer, but never shoes or furniture. He likes squeeky toys and stuffed animals. Kennel trained and walks politely with his harness. He is a jumper though and tries to get the cats. Very energetic for bored people. Please contact 941-925-7000 for those who are interested to give Baki's lovely home.

Senior Pet Month Cat


Hurry! and take advantage of this great offer!

Have you heard the buzz? September is National Senior Pet Month! Sharing life together is a...

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Senior Pet Month Dog

Hurry! and take advantage of this great offer!
Have you heard the buzz?  September is National Senior Pet Month!  Sharing life together is a precious gift. As we
age, there are changes that may be occurring that are not visible to the naked eye.  Preventative care and early intervention can improve your senior pet's quality of life and make it possible for you and your pet to enjoy more healthy years together.   

  In celebration of our pets that have joined the silver whiskers club, Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic will be giving a 20% discount on blood work for any patient who is at least 7 years of age. 

Two sweet, bonded rabbits up for adoption!

two black rabbits cuddlingTwo rabbits, Kuro and Madoka, are up for adoption! Kuro is a black lop, and Madoka is a black lion's head. They are almost four years old and have been bonded and living together since they were a few months old. 

These rabbits are very sweet-- some of the sweetest our staff has ever seen! Indoor cage and outdoor hutch available with adoption. Contact us for more details :)

Rosie is up for adoption


Rosie is a 5 year old pot-bellied pig. She's sweet, very friendly and lives outdoors. 

For more information, contact us at Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic. 

"I'd Trust Them To No One Else"

From guiding me on my special needs kittens to at-home euthanasia for my sweet and suffering sick, PRAC has been an integral part of keeping my companions kicking for upwards of twenty years. I'd trust them to no one else. —Erin C.

Fat Cat? Check Out Simple New Approach to Weight Loss

A picture of an overweight cat resting on a couch.

Tired of trying to get your overweight cat to loose weight to no avail?

Researchers have discovered a new, effective way to help cats loose weight. It’s called Intermittent Caloric Restriction, or ICR. Basically, with an ICR weight-loss plan you would feed your cat 75% of their normal diet for the first two weeks of the month, and then feed them normally for the second two weeks of the month. It’s really as simple as that!

Check out this new approach to weight loss presented at the Nestlé Purina Companion Animal Summit: Click here to view the summary!


Little Guy for Adoption- Irma Rescue

Rescue kitty from hurricane IrmaAvailable for adoption at Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic! 

Little Guy is a rescue cat from hurricane Irma. 

He is older, thin, with normal bloodwork, and potentially just needs a good home.

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