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Guinea pigs are fun pets, but it’s safe to say most pet parents aren’t familiar with their pet’s sounds and behavior at first. Do you understand your guinea pig? Here’s a short guide on guinea pig sounds and behavior you’ll want to know.

“Wheeking” is another name for the squealing or squeaking sounds of your guinea pig. She may seem like a quiet animal, but you’re likely to hear her squeal quite often. She might use it to get attention or to beg for her favorite food. A high-pitched squeal, however, could be a sign of fear or pain.

Similar to cats, guinea pigs purr when they’re relaxed. Pay attention to the tone however. A deep purr is a sign of contentment. A high-pitched one can signify annoyance or fear.

Have you seen your guinea pig break out in a hopping dance? When they’re happy, they show it! She might run and jump up and down while turning. It’s a move that resembles popcorn popping, hence the term.

Sleeping wide eyed
Don’t be surprised if you rarely, if ever, see your guinea pig with her eyes closed. They rarely close their eyes, even when asleep. If she does close her eyes, it’s likely she feels secure enough to let down her guard.

Does your guinea pig ever freeze? It may happen in a moment when she feels threatened, startled or is in an unfamiliar environment. It’s the instinct of a prey animal who senses a predator may be near.

Dragging behind
If you catch your furry friend dragging her hind end along the ground, it’s not because she needs to go to the bathroom or scratch an itch. She’s marking her territory and letting others know the area is hers!

Being such social creatures, guinea pigs thrive with human attention and enjoy playing with other guinea pigs. If you have one guinea pig, be sure to spend time playing with her or consider getting her a little friend.


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