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Happy International Assistance Dog Week everyone!

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International Assistance Dog Week is from August 2nd - 8th.

This holiday was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs and the amazing deeds they perform 🐕

Let’s honor your pooch! Share a pic below ⤵️

Happy National Lost Pet Prevention Month everyone!

The month of July is “National Lost Pet Prevention Month”. Increase your pets chances of being returned to you by microchipping them today!

This low cost tiny device will provide your pet with permanent identification. To learn more or to make an appointment please call (941) 955-7000.

Happy 234th Birthday United States of America!!!

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The staff at Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic wishes you and your furry friends a very safe and happy 4th of July! As you prepare for the fireworks tonight, please keep your pets safe by keeping them indoors. Better yet, break out the toys and healthy treats so your pet will have a positive association with fireworks 🎆  If your pet is older, provide a “safe place” away from windows and drown out the sounds by putting the TV or radio on. You may also consider a supplemental support like Composure 🌱  it can help gently calm your pet when they are dealing with environmental stressors like fireworks and traveling. Dogs and cats alike find it delicious

Senior Pet Month Cat


Hurry! and take advantage of this great offer!

Have you heard the buzz? September is National Senior Pet Month! Sharing life together is a...

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Senior Pet Month Dog

Hurry! and take advantage of this great offer!
Have you heard the buzz?  September is National Senior Pet Month!  Sharing life together is a precious gift. As we
age, there are changes that may be occurring that are not visible to the naked eye.  Preventative care and early intervention can improve your senior pet's quality of life and make it possible for you and your pet to enjoy more healthy years together.   

  In celebration of our pets that have joined the silver whiskers club, Palmer Ranch Animal Clinic will be giving a 20% discount on blood work for any patient who is at least 7 years of age. 

Fat Cat? Check Out Simple New Approach to Weight Loss

A picture of an overweight cat resting on a couch.

Tired of trying to get your overweight cat to loose weight to no avail?

Researchers have discovered a new, effective way to help cats loose weight. It’s called Intermittent Caloric Restriction, or ICR. Basically, with an ICR weight-loss plan you would feed your cat 75% of their normal diet for the first two weeks of the month, and then feed them normally for the second two weeks of the month. It’s really as simple as that!

Check out this new approach to weight loss presented at the Nestlé Purina Companion Animal Summit: Click here to view the summary!


Understanding Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are fun pets, but it’s safe to say most pet parents aren’t familiar with their pet’s sounds and behavior at first. Do you understand your guinea pig? Here’s a short guide on guinea pig sounds and behavior you’ll want to know.

“Wheeking” is another name for the squealing or squeaking sounds of...

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